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The Keyless Information Security System is a combination of the patented HeistProof Anti-theft device and our KIM (Knowledge is Money) asset management system. K.I.S.S. adds the ability to change codes for operations of the HeistProof system remotely via the KIM software and the Internet.

Ask yourself these questions.

  • What if one key could operate all of your COMPANIES equipment?
  • What if that ONE key was totally secure for each client/employee and each piece of equipment, independent of all of your other vehicles!
  • What if a client/employee could keep his key and use it anywhere he goes anywhere in the world with any piece of your equipment?
  • What if a client could go on line, find the vehicle he wanted to rent, reserve and schedule it all without talking to your representative?
  • What if your client could go to the car, get in it and drive off without ever speaking or seeing your representative. All necessary rental agreements and credit information having been completed by the customer in advance also without seeing or speaking to a company representative?
  • What if the rental services were automatically charged to the client's credit card?
  • What if when the car was returned and it needed service, and it told you so, before it got there, and where to take the car for service.
  • What if that service notice also told you what parts it needed?

All of this without paper and with responsibility built in!

  • How much $MONEY$ would a workforce reduction save your business?

K.I.S.S. can perform all of the above functions for you.

K.I.S.S. Applicable Applications:

  • Car Rental Agencies
  • Motorcycle Rental Agencies
  • Equipment Rental Agencies
  • Company Vehicle Fleets
  • Taxi Cab Fleets
  • Public Bus Fleets
  • Fire and Rescue Fleets
  • Law Enforcement Fleets
  • Family Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles
  • Lawn Maintenance Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • AND MORE !!!