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KIM “Knowledge Is Money” provides a Stand-Alone GPS System with real time tracking and state of the art Fleet Management System Solutions.

KIM – Knowledge is Money - Using real time GPS (Global Positioning System) technology
KIM provides fleet management capabilities such as, where is your equipment, who is driving your equipment, is your equipment exceeding the speed limit, where has your equipment been, has your equipment been moved beyond it designated area.

KIM will substantially increase the proper maintenance of your fleet. It will notify you or your staff that maintenance on a specific piece of equipment is due. It will tell you what maintenance needs to be done and when properly set up what parts you need on hand to perform that maintenance. Scheduling becomes simple and effective.

TESTIMONY- Don't Just Take Our Word - "One of the easiest things to slip between the cracks of a large operation is tracking resources and maintaining efficiencies. Heistproof offers solutions that help a business operate at a high level. We're able to provide more people plumbing Los Angeles loves because of these resources. - Ritz Plumbing

K.I.M. Technology Provides…

Management of Equipment Assets and Personnel Visual Management of Equipment and Usage Strategic Equipment and Personnel Scheduling

• Equipment Maintenance Management
Efficient Scheduling “Just in Time” Material Inventory

• Equipment Maintenance Cost Accounting
Purchase Order Management Efficient Paperless Record Keeping

• Support for Management to Affect Change
Invokes Personal Discipline Teaches Accountability and Responsibility

• Raises Expectations in “Green” Building Projects
Exhibit Commitment to Sustainable Building Address LEED criteria for Sustainable Projects Promotes a Responsible Construction approach

• Notifications for Advanced Management
Speed, Idle, Power, Stop, Start, Geo-Fence Alerts Maintenance Notifications by Email and/or Text

• Multiple Technology Applications
IPhone and BlackBerry Apps Realtime Fuel Usage Record Keeping Directions to Equipment Locations Change Equipment Settings "On the Go”

• Internal Revenue Service Tax Benefit Recapture
Eliminates Effects of IRS Claim to Equipment Depreciation Tax Benefits