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This FREE GPS Tracking APP allows customers with KIM GPS units installed to view tracking information from their iPhone. You can purchase a KIM GPS tracking unit from HeistProof.com. Use KIM for personal or business asset tracking. This APP gives you real-time tracking information. You can also view tracking information via the HeistProof® website.

KIM - Knowledge is Money- Using real time GPS (Global Positioning System) technology KIM provides fleet management capabilities such as, where is your equipment, is your equipment exceeding the speed limit, where has your equipment been, has your equipment been moved beyond its designated area.

KIM will substantially increase the proper maintenance of your fleet. It will notify you or your staff that maintenance on a specific piece of equipment is due. It will tell you what maintenance needs to be done and when properly set up what parts you need on hand to perform that maintenance.
Scheduling becomes simple and effective.

KIM Benefits

  • • Reduced down time due to poor maintenance
  • • Ease of maintenance scheduling • Reduced fuel costs
  • • Improved Productivity
  • • Reduced Unauthorized Usage
  • • Reduced Overtime
  • • Improved Safety & Security
  • • Reduced Risk & Liability
  • • Insurance Premiums Improved
  • • Customer Service KIM Tracking Features
  • • 24/7 Real Time Tracking
  • • Trace Routes
  • • Speed alerts
  • • Geofencing
  • • Maintenance Alerts
  • • Reporting and more...

Download App at the APP Store from iTunes or Search KIM GPS Tracking on your iPhone.

Here are some App features.

- Current Location

- Trace route information

- Set Speed Alerts

- Set Idle Alerts

- Fuel and Oil Logs

- Get Directions from you location to a unit

How to use your IPhone APP

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Use your same log on information that you use for the main website.

Selection of units is done from this screen. You will notice that navigation of the App is very simple.

When you click on the view location link, you will be asked to select a unit. Once you have done that you will see the units current location.

You can select traceroute information for any KIM unit. The App will display the lastest Traceroute. You can view history Traceroutes from the main tracking site.

You can enter fuel and oil information into your App. Once you click send all information will be sent to your accout database, where you can then create reports from the website.



This is the first screen you will see. You will be able to navigate from this page. Any setttings that you change on your App will also be changed on the main website.

You can change your speed alert and idle alert setting from your App. Click on the link and on the next page you can change your settings, these changes will be sent to the website and your KIM unit.

When you click on the pin, you will see a pop up window with a blue arrow, click on the arrow and you will see your KIM unit location information.

Click on the more info link at the bottom of the traceroute page, and you will come to this screen. This screen will give you a quick breakdown of the days events.

Using your Iphone location, you can get turn by turn directions to any one of you Vehicles that have KIM installed. This is especially handy when a Vehicle breaks down on the road.