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HeistProof® is a “PRO-ACTIVE” anti-theft device for any vehicle, construction equipment or other powered equipment that allows only authorized workers to operate your vehicles and equipment in your fleet.

The Solution: HeistProof® , KIM and HeistProof Plus.

HeistProof® shuts down a vehicle’s operating system except to those it recognizes as authorized to operate the equipment.

HeistProof® uses a digital transponder card (the size of a credit card) which uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to recognize users and their pre-programmed authorizations which allows each user to start only the vehicles they are approved to operate. This reduces your liability exposure due to unauthorized use of your equipment, whether by thief or employee.

HeistProof® provides three levels of user defined protection that is unique to your operation and equipment

As an example

• A Management card could be set to operate all vehicles and equipment

• A Service Department card could be set to all bulldozers and the service truck but not other equipment

• An equipment operator could be set to a specific vehicle or piece of equipment. HeistProof® eliminates joyriding and its associated damage entirely

HeistProof® Technology Provides:

•Organization of Equipment Assets
Committed Key Management

• Accountability of Personnel
Authorization of Users

• Reduced Liability Insurance Risk
Purchase Order Management
Efficient Paperless Record Keeping

• Reduced Worker’s Comp Risk
Injury or Death


• Lost Production from Project Shutdown
Rescheduling Difficulties
Unnecessary Personnel Layoffs

• Added Expense to Project
General Conditions Liquidated Damages

• Loss of Key Personnel
Level of Project Quality
Reorientation of Project Schedule

• Added company Overhead Expense
Increase of Insurance Premiums
Equipment Replacement Costs

HeistProof Technology provides…