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About Us

BulletProof Electronics, Inc. was created from our founder's long-standing passion for motorcycles. Reed Mapes graduated from the University of Miami in 1969 with a degree in Industrial Management. Reed started in the heavy equipment and machinery moving business. He built or participated in building high rises, nuclear power facilities, bridges, schools, hospitals and condominiums. Reed started his own motorcycle manufacturing company, (Ironworks Motorcycle Co). The 1st problem he addressed was replacing an archaic electrical system with a reliable solid-state electrical system. As is common with inventors and inventions in general, luck and timing played a key role in his chance meeting with Nick Ramirez.

Nick and Reed formed BulletProof and began creating an entirely new technology in the industry. Nick's engineering background and accomplishments are far too many and far too complicated to expound except in resume form. In short, Nick was one of the lead architects of Intel's I/O Controller Hub, literally an entire PC on a chip. Intel awarded Nick for submitting the most invention disclosures and patent applications of anyone in the embedded Intel architecture division.

The successful creations of a solid state Systems Lighting Controller for the motorcycle company led to the development of the ARSE (Automated Recognition System Electronics). The ARSE is a keyless electronic module that recognizes only those authorized to start a vehicle. In 2006 BulletProof Electronics, Inc. was awarded the V-Twin Expo Motorcycle Accessory of the Year award.

It became apparent to the partners at Bulletproof that the ARSE technology could be used for other vehicles. Hence, Heistproof was born.

Enter Charles Bader, a long time child hood friend of Nick's, and an accomplished salesman. Charles background was in the finance, insurance, and underwriting aspect of the auto industry working for Jim Moran Family Enterprises. Charles mentor, Jim Moran, an industry giant who's direct tutelage led to Charles becoming one of the most successful innovators in his industry and a founding creator of what is known as "Car Care" or Preventive Maintenance.

Not long after these associations were made, the guys met Daniel DiGiacobbe the President of GPS in Motion, a start up GPS Company. BulletProof bought Dan's company, brought on board and KIM and HeistProof Plus were born.