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Each and every year in the United States, over 1 billion dollars of commercial equipment is stolen. with more than 90% of this equipment never recovered. The results of this epidemic are far reaching, as companies waste countless hours of lost productivity, wasted management time, and are forced to pay extremely high and growing insurance premiums.

The Solution: HeistProof® , KIM and HeistProof Plus.

HeistProof®- HeistProof is an anti theft device for any vehicle. HeistProof shuts down a vehicle's operating system except to those it recognizes as authorized to operate the equipment.View HeistProof Video

KIM - Knowledge is Money - Using real time GPS (Global Positioning System) technology KIM provides fleet management capabilities such as, where is your equipment, who is driving your equipment, is your equipment exceeding the speed limit, where has your equipment been, has your equipment moved beyond its designated area and many other features. View KIM Video

HeistProof Plus incorporates all HeistProof's anti-theft technology and KIM's fleet management systems capabilities for a complete package of protection for your vehicles and equipment.

Every dollar currently spent in the industry for theft prevention is "Post theft" dollars. Stolen equipment locator devices, and insurance address equipment theft and joy riding damage after the loss. HeistProof, KIM and HeistProof Plus is the 21st century answer to this problem.

Don't be left holding the keys. HeistProof is "Preventive Theft Technology", an idea and system whose time has come.

Automotive Security Section

Taking risks with a possession as expensive as your vehicle is not something you want to do. Activating an automotive security system can give you greater peace-of-mind whether you're at home sleeping during the night or have left your car in the driveway while you and the family vacation.

Technology in this department is constantly growing, and you can even have a GPS tracking device installed now. No matter where you are, you can know that your car is safe. Even in the event that someone steals the vehicle, finding its location is faster than in the past. In addition to this benefit, you may also be able to receive a discount on your car insurance for having more security features added.

Commercial Door Anti-theft

In today's world, nothing is more important than making sure your personal assets stay secure. Commercial door hardware equipment can help ensure that all valuables remain out of the hands of thieves. Commercial doors accessed using wire free technology offer superior security to traditional anti-theft devices. Commercial doors also give the user greater access control, making authorized access easier but unwanted access much more difficult. Nothing is more effective in securing commercial goods than sturdy electric locks combined with a high grade door. Heistproof and BuyAccess offer both of these at a reasonable price with a high customer satisfaction rate. Their products are guaranteed to make your goods safer from the threat than ever before, without inflicting the owner with a cumbersome and difficult to use anti-theft device. The ease of use offered by Heistproof also means that owners will be more likely to use it as frequently as possible, which is always a good idea in the security field. Only the strongest materials are used in all of our products, making sure that the door will remain immovable until the correct code or key is entered.

Construction Equipment Anti-theft

Construction sites are often home to hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment, which makes them a prime target for thefts. Heistproof anti-theft equipment can help prevent construction site thefts from occurring in the first place, and also work to recover any stolen goods. For example, during an excavation operation, a GPS tracker may be placed on a McLaughlin vacuum excavator so it may be quickly recovered after a theft. These devices also hold the potential to prevent thefts by a mechanism that shuts down a vehicle when an unauthorized operator is detected. This makes Heistproof the ultimate security measure for any construction site regardless of the crime rate in the area.

Protect your Investment with the Ultimate in Anti-Theft Security.

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